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Friday, 21 April 2017


A lot of people have no idea on different health uses of lemon water. It cans benefits us like of weight control and controlling blood pressure. Many people like the taste of lemon juice, they can easily have it. But various people don’t like its flavor so most excellent things for them are to squeeze fresh lemon into a glass of water and after that drink it. Due to its anti-cancer properties and antioxidants, lemon juice is healthy identified.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF LEMON WATER OR LEMON JUICEDue to the rich of Vitamin C, It is high-quality for maintain a completely useful for immune system, digestion system, fighting cancer etc.  It too contains other vitamins like vitamin Briboflavin and minerals like phosphoruscalcium, magnesium with carbohydrates and proteins. A lot of people are loved the lemon juice in their dishes. Many people are used to get ready a variety of cooking recipes such as lemon chicken and lemon cakes etc.
It consist of about 5 percent citric acid that gives a tartly taste of lemon. It is used simply in the form of lemon water or lemon juice. Lemon water makes a physically powerful drink, mainly when you take it in the morning.
Lemon water or Lemon juice provides a large number of health benefits, if you drink it regular.

Some top health benefits of lemon water or lemon juice are given below:

Health benefits of lemon water or lemon juice for digestion:
Lemon water or Lemon juice are good for solving the problem of digestion problems, heartburn, nausea and parasites etc., if you take it with hot water regularly in the morning. It plays a role as liver tonic, blood purifier and a cleaning agent.

Health benefits of lemon water or lemon juice for Skin:
Due to the rich of Vitamin C, lemon juices are good for skin health. Lemon juice has ability to rejuvenate the body skin and remove blackheads and wrinkles. It acts as a cooling representative so it easily reduces the burning feeling on the body skin.

Health benefits of lemon water for dental care:
Lemon Juice is also helpful for dental trouble. Lemon juice gives relief since toothache, gum bleeding and other gums related diseases, if you applied massages of fresh lemon juice on the areas of toothache and infected gums.
Health benefits of lemon water for throat infection:
Lemon juice gives relief from the various type of throat infection due to its antibacterial property.

Health benefits of lemon juice for weight loss:
Lemon water acts as a great weight loss natural medicines. You can reduce the body weight, if you take lemon juice with lukewarm water and honey.
Health benefits of lemon juice for blood pressure and heart diseases:
Due to the potassium content in the lemon juice, it can be control the high blood pressure and it also reduces the risk of heart problem, mental stress and depression.

Health benefits of lemon juice for Respiratory Problems:
Warm Lemon juice treats the respiratory problems.  So, it is good for asthma patient.

Other Uses:
Lemon juices are a blood purifier and help to remove toxins from the body. It also treat a person who is suffering from malaria, cold, flu and fever etc. lemon juice helps to improve sleep and memory and nerve power. It is also known as a immune boaster. Lemon juice makes hair shinier and stronger due to the external use of lemon juice.

You can also used for purify surfaces, clean cookers, remove satins and take out old shine. Lemon juice can also be used as an insecticide to prevent flies, mosquitoes and other insects.

How much should you drink?

It is suitable for you to have lemon juice of ½ of the lemon squeezed into a glass of water, twice a daily.

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